Hi there, I'm Lauren

I'd love to meet you...

As a wearer of many hats and lover of movies, books, and TV, you’ll find me watching though-provoking documentaries with the same intensity as I watch the Bravo Housewives (please don’t judge - I find it to be a fascinating study in pop culture!).

I’m a business coach, consultant, mentor, entrepreneur, executive producer, screenwriter, author, speaker, jewelry silversmith and survivor.

Many roles of a multifaceted life. I believe we all have the ability to accomplish a lot more than we think we can and I’m living proof of that statement. My book ONE SENSE AHEAD was founded on that belief.

“ I believe in the

magic of butterflies and ladybugs

but I also believe in sex & drugs & rock'n roll!

Most of all I believe

we can all fly

no matter how many times our wings get clipped.”

- Lauren Hirsch Williams


I help entrepreneurs and creative professionals develop business strategies that give them success

Imagine being able to win every room you enter. What difference could that make to your life and career?

I’ve had the privilege of sitting on multiple sides of the table through my extensive career, including my role as the Worldwide Director for Advertising and Consumer Communications at PepsiCo, where I was innovating and pioneering initiatives that are now commonplace.

I've been involved in thousands of pitch meetings, enabling me to dissect that artform and deeply understand what makes a pitch work, and ultimately succeed or fail.

My expertise and superpower lies in being able to see complex situations for what they truly are, untangling the threads and reassembling them into a clear and strong advantage, whether that be in setting a strategy, or planning a pitch presentation.

It’s my passion and life mission to share this wisdom with you, enabling you to open doors which might otherwise remain shut. I want to give you the tools that help you find success. You must stay true to your style while deploying your natural gifts- your five senses as well as common sense and logic- to get ahead. You can win every room you enter.

This is reflected in Global Media Fusion, an entertainment powerhouse I founded, that features an unwired broadcast & digital network that reaches more than 1/3 of the entire world. It’s a platform that enables projects to be fused with the right sponsors/advertisers, networks, producers, and audiences on global scale through personalized service.

Complimenting Global Media Fusion is MovieHatch, which helps emerging screenwriters, producers, and creatives enter and understand the Media, TV & Film industry. I personally coach individuals on understanding the business, perfecting plans, giving feedback and offering pitch training to ensure creators shine as they showcase work to prospective producers, studios, or networks. It’s an arena in which nailing a pitch is essential.

“One Sense Ahead” shares a blueprint of how to be a master at nailing meetings. It includes practical tools and techniques to evaluate opportunities, understand people, and ultimately deliver a message, story or presentation in a way that captivates. Those 'wins' utilize and harness skills you already possess.

Getting it ‘right’ and nailing business interactions can open many doors. I want to help you open them all.

Contact me for a short call to discover how I can help you open the doors you seek and let's brainstorm your career in media.