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When you want to succeed in an industry that’s been around a while, you basically have to learn how to play in the sandbox that’s already been created.

You must learn how to navigate and maneuver around the systems, parameters, and structures that are in place. I’m not saying you can’t bust out of those – in fact, I love it when you do! That’s what innovation and creativity is all about.

You need to take a look at the playground that exists and learn how to play in it so you can do your own thing.

As a self-confessed sandbox queen, I want to help you not only play in the proverbial sandbox of the industry you’re in (or want to be in) but to make your stamp on it too.

And if you fancy, set a world record with your sand sculpture (if you’re interested, the world’s tallest is 21.6 meters, but I digress…).

I can give you a map, together with your own personalized pail and shovel (how about a nice blue one?), to not only find and play in the sandbox of your choice but to create the sculptures and sandcastles of your dreams.



Let's Get Digging...

  • Have an amazing business idea but not the confidence or know-how to pitch it to investors, potential partners, or even your customers successfully? It’s like a giant roadblock, holding you back from succeeding. If only you could get past this step…

  • Struggle with momentum? Moving a business forward seems too complex, with too many moving parts. It’s worse than a manual to change the clock on the oven or an Ikea guide (shudders).

  • Want to try a different way or alternative pathway in your business, job, or life but have no knowledge of which one you could try, or the possibilities open to you. If only you could ask someone who has been down that pathway before? You have the drive, the motivation but you feel like you’re in a maze being chased by the minotaur and your time is running out. Tick, tick, tick…

  • Daydream and imagine what it would be like breaking into Hollywood, as a screenwriter, producer, or a creative professional in the entertainment industry, but you can’t find the right door to open to get in or know which one to choose?

  • Feel overwhelmed with your current situation. You have big dreams but are paralyzed with making the next move. There are multiple choices and options, that knowing which one to pick is impossible. It’s the classic Matrix movie moment. Red or Blue. Blue or Red?

  • Chase shiny objects- courses, programs, trainings- thinking that they will give you the answer you crave, but they don’t. The cookie cutter solution does not work with you. It feels like you’re treading water and are now starting to sink, Titanic style.

  • Wish that you could pitch or present your idea successfully to those around you, controlling the situation and aiding get a positive outcome. You betcha.

I know, my sandbox analogy might have been a bit of stretch, but it’s the best way to explain how I help entrepreneurs and creative professionals find the pathway that is right for them, that ultimately leads them to success. And how do you even know whether you need my help? Good question.

Did you just nod, have a spine-tingling moment or go “uh-huh” to any of these? If so, we need to talk. Simply drop me a message to say hello, or schedule your complimentary, no-obligation call with me (you can do that right here) and let’s see if I can help you get to where you want to go.


Untangle you route, clear the fog, and get a straight answer. Together we’ll discover the answers to your business conundrums, your career path dilemmas, and how to pitch with ease, every time, through real, honest, Business coaching with oodles of encouragement, support and guidance. Let’s get clear on your vision, strategy, and pathway to unlocking your success.


You’ve written a screenplay, sent it to a few people but received no replies. You’ve tried all the tips and tricks that the internet can offer but still you have no messages from anyone, not even your Mom. What are you doing wrong? Let me help you with Pitching Feedback, with a constructive session on how to improve your pitch and get your inbox full of interest.


Stop selling yourself short. [take control] by taking control. No longer roll the dice in business meetings hoping to get the result you want. Learn how to hone your own senses in a new way to advance your business. Discover how to read people, the room and how you can turn around a negative situation when it doesn’t quite go to plan. Let’s crack the code to pitching.

“Lauren is a wealth of knowledge! When you run a business, you don’t have time to problem solve all day because you’ve got to keep the heart of it going. With Lauren, you don’t have to. She thinks outside the box and is able to come up with simple solutions to challenges quickly. Any connection with her is one of full support too. You feel it as soon as you speak with her. She’s got your back on so many levels so that you can run your business with ease. Don’t think about hiring her. Just do it!“

- Lissette Larue,

Trauma Specialist + Spiritual Life Coach For Executives and Entrepreneurs

Founder of Healing from Within, LLC